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Mini Backpack (Kid Bag)-
#WB-M340 Mini Backpack (Kid Bag)


Perfect for carrying books, toys and electronic games on the go!

Product Description:

  • Kid Bag
  • 12" L x 5"W x 14" H
  • Polyester
  • Inside Mesh Open Pocket
  • Outside Pocket with Velcro Closure
  • ID Compartment
  • Inside Lining
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps


Fill in all the information in the form below for each item. Although the item may be personalized with initials only, please enter person's name to ensure correct order for initials. Also indicate whether the recipient is a female or a male. If no Font style is indicated Block will be used.

Please note: Interlocking Monogram is normally used for females only. With both the Interlocking and Round Monograms, the last name will be the largest letter in the center. The Round Monogram can be used for both males and females. The Block Monogram (normally the male monogram) will appear First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name in all caps. Cursive lettering is for full names, dates, or written text.


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